What is IPX Token?

The IPX token is a blockchain token residing on the V SYSTEMS blockchain network. The token provides an easy, affordable means of sharing spare bandwidth of the nodes, with the aim to strengthen sustainability and growth in the network.
Identity verification of node providers
Make the protocols driven by DAO
Trading and store of value
Incentive & cooperative mechanism

Official Wallets by V SYSTEMS Team

Tachyon Protocol is the first ecosystem project of V SYSTEMS, so you can trust their products with confidence.
  • Hot wallets are great for storing small amounts and transacting on the fly.
  • It is not recommended to leave large amounts of cryptocurrencies in a hot wallet as the systems could be vulnerable to hacking.
  • Cold wallets are much less susceptible to hacks and there is no risk of security.
  • Cold wallets are much more of a task to store cryptocurrencies.

Download Walk Wallet App

Walk Wallet is co-developed by V SYSTEMS team and Community Developer Walk Bank team.

Download Dalong Wallet APP

Digital asset management expert, safe and easy to use multi-chain wallet, secure storage, reliable circulation.
Dalong Wallet
How to receive and transfer IPX in Dalong Wallet?