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Our mission is to improve fundamental internet infrastructure technologies and find a solution to online security & privacy by implementing techniques from DHT, blockchain, UDP and encryption.

Tachyon Protocol is what nodes and users in the Tachyon network speak to one another. It ensures that traffic moves from place to place privately, securely, and quickly. Based on Tachyon Protocol, the Next-Gen VPN, IoT, DeFi, Storage, CDN, DNS and other Apps will benefit 900 million users at least.

Tachyon Protocol releases IPX Token based on V SYSTEMS for authentication, transaction settlement, community governance, to ensure the normal operation of the entire ecology and establish a fair, transparent and efficient trading and reward mechanism.

Tachyon VPN is the first project based on Tachyon Protocol. We will provide clients for iOS, Android, Windows, macOS and other systems in the future.

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