Tachyon Network

Tachyon Network is a network consisting of thousands of decentralized node providers using Tachyon Protocol. Node providers provide traffic for users such as VPN users to get rewards based on their contributions.

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Tachyon Network Map

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North America
South America

Nodes staked:


Amount of staked IPX:

222,351,442.8495838 IPX

Session rewards:

2,668,585.309999932 IPX

Staking rewards:

2,668,585.309999932 IPX

North America

Session Usage
Session Price
Session Rewards
Staking Rewards
Data from last day
US-Oregon2824000.044 IPX481.846180166 IPX821.99022237 IPXView details
US-New York City6925630.0616 IPX720.400193197 IPX1,884.140507769 IPXView details
US-Chicago105205950.044 IPX4,134.842533554 IPX3,213.090818833 IPXView details
US-Los Angeles4875310.044 IPX1,511.993159514 IPX1,551.620407156 IPXView details
US-San Francisco4725830.044 IPX518.586951404 IPX1,425.511002909 IPXView details

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What are Node Providers?

Node providers run Tachyon’s backbone infrastructure and allow users to access Tachyon VPN, as well as other services. Node providers receive staking rewards from the network and session rewards from users.

Session rewards work like this:

  • Users request VPN traffic or other services from the DHT router
  • The DHT router finds the best node providers for the user
  • Users pay IPX to node providers in exchange for services
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What is session reward?

A session is a 5MB block of traffic. Node Operators choose the price of a session. Nodes earn different levels of session rewards, depending on the price of the session, the total amount of traffic used, and the IPX price. Nodes with the lowest latency, highest bandwidth, and best peering will attract more users and earn more session rewards.

How to calculate session rewards?

1. Assume P is the price of the session that the node provides traffic to the user. P_A(m) is the average price of the m session, P_A(x) is the average price of the x session which your node contributed to.

2. If there are m sessions in the tachyon network, for m from 1 to m.

3. If your node contributed to X sessions,for x from 1 to x.

4. Due to the current testing period of the Staking system, Tachyon VPN has not yet been connected to IPX payment, so the current Session Rewards is subsidized by Tachyon ecology, which is 5% of the current circulating supply every day. The following session Rewards formula is only applicable during the test period.


The more sessions, the more rewards.

The higher the session price, the more rewards.

Calculate your rewards immediately!

What is staking reward?

For the security of the Tachyon Network, each node is required to stake IPX to participate in providing traffic. The system will give IPX Tokens to the node providers.

How to calculate staking rewards?

1. Assume circulating supply inflation rate = 5% for now. It may be adjusted after a period of operation.

2. If there are N staking nodes with staking amount X_n respectively, for n from 1 to N.

3. Assume the Effective Staking amount is [20,000, 200,000], ie no more staking reward for amounts larger than 200,000 on the same node

20,000 < X_n;

no reward on [X_n - 200,000]

4. Total Effective Staking Amount

S = Sum { Y_n = X_n- |X_n-200000|, for n =1 to N }

Where |.| means absolute value.

5. Staking reward for each X_n every day ( needless to pay every day tho)


The more IPX you stake, the more rewards.

The more nodes you operate, the more rewards.

Check your rewards now!

The Roadmap of Tachyon Staking

Tachyon Node Manager 1.3

Add your servers to Tachyon network

Manage your servers


IPX Staking System 1.0

Introduce Platform Partners. Offer an easier way for everyone to join.

IPX Staking System Global Testing begins on ipxus.com.

Participants can receive rewards immediately

We are here now

IPX Staking System 2.0

Integrate IPX Staking System into Tachyon VPN. Node Providers can start to receive session rewards immediately from global VPN users.

Node Providers can join staking, earn rewards and manage nodes via Node Manager 2.0.

Cooperate with more Platform Partners. Offer more choices to Node Providers.

IPX Staking System 3.0

Node Providers can enjoy automatic operation, maintenance and legal assistance system with Node Manager 3.0.

Open the source and offer tools to help Platform Partners run customized staking events easily.

Tachyon Node Manager Version 1.3

Download the Tachyon Node Manager to join our global network of node providers.


Available on macOS 10.11 and later

The feature of getting rewards will come in the later version

Download Tachyon Node Manager

Easy-to use node management tool

You can add a new node provider in only 3 steps: Log into your server; Configure server; and Get ready.

Freedom to change permissions at any time

You can choose & change the permission of Tachyon key between private and public.

Effectively monitor and manage your node providers

All the information about your node providers is clear. You can use this APP to monitor and manage your servers from anywhere.

Requirements for Server

Ubuntu 14.04 TLS amd64
Ubuntu 16.04 TLS amd64
Ubuntu 18.04 TLS amd64
CPU >= 1 core
RAM >= 1 GB
Disk >= 30 GB
Inbound ports: 22 (ssh), 443 (vpn service)
Public IPv4 Address: 1
Bandwidth >= 50Mbps

* The session rewards and staking rewards are not available temporarily.