Tachyon Network

Tachyon Network is a network consisting of thousands of decentralized provider nodes using Tachyon Protocol. Provider nodes provide traffic for users such as VPN users to get rewards based on their contributions.

ROI of Staking: 25000.00%+

ROI of Session: 32.59%+

Tachyon Network Map

of nodes:
Staking ROI:
136986.30 IPX
Total amount of
staked IPX:

What are the Provider Nodes?

The decentralized provider nodes contribute traffic to the users, and users and system give rewards to the provider nodes.

Taking Tachyon VPN as an example, the core process is as follows:

(1) the user requests VPN traffic from DHT router;

(2) DHT router matches the optimal decentralized provider nodes to provide VPN traffic to the user;

(3) users and system give IPX Tokens to decentralized provider nodes via smart contracts.

The provider nodes can get both staking rewards and session rewards.

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How to be a provider node?

Submit your wallet address
Submit provider node information
Start staking and get rewards
Requirements for a full provider node
Not required for Pre-mining Event
OS:Ubuntu 14.04 TLS amd64/Ubuntu 16.04 TLS amd64/Ubuntu 18.04 TLS amd64
CPU >= 1 core
RAM >= 1GB
Disk >= 30 GB
Inbound ports: 22(ssh), 443(vpn service)
1 Public IPv4 Address
Bandwith >= 50Mbps
The more bandwidth you provide, the more session rewards you get.
Become a Provider Node

Pre-mining is ongoing! Limited to 1500 nodes for the first batch

What is session reward?

Session refers to the transaction that the node provides traffic to the user. Each session reward for a node is different, depending on the price of the session, the total amount of traffic used, and the IPX price.

How to calculate session rewards?

Session price: the price of the transaction that the node provides traffic to the user.

Traffic usage: the amount of traffic the user contributed.

Price of IPX: the price of IPX on the same day.

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What is staking reward?

For the security of Tachyon Network and anti-spam attacks, each node is required to stake IPX to participate in providing traffic mining. The system will give IPX Token to the provider nodes.

How to calculate staking rewards?

M% is the follow-on inflating rate (Up to 5%)

X is the number of active nodes on the same day.

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