Tachyon Ecosystems

With the use of standard SDK, Tachyon Protocol can support many fields, including VPN, IOT, DeFi, Storage, CDN, DNS, etc. Jointly this will create an extensive ecosystem with many use cases and applications.

What is the Tachyon SDK

To reduce the integration expense for the blockchains, ensure proper encapsulation and reduce the difficulty of development, Tachyon Protocol shall provide a standard SDK which blockchain networks can easily integrate with their technological stack.

Tachyon offers highly customizable modules for SDK:

  • Prioritize per data transmission type, e.g., prioritize low latency/low packet loss/high bandwidth;
  • Traffic concealing, e.g., set preferred protocols, request simulation;
  • Multi-protocol circumvent, e.g., use certain protocols only;
  • Traffic-dispersing, e.g., set maximum/minimum dispersing;
  • Multi-relays, e.g. 1~6 relays mode, auto mode.

More Products



As a content distribution network, CDN network has advantages in the number and distribution of edge nodes and the speed of network synchronization. The decentralized Tachyon network distributes tens of millions of nodes around the world so the quantity and coverage exceed the centralized CDN service.



Tachyon protocol can add an extra layer of protection by encrypting the contents in storage and during transmission, as well as accelerate the transmission efficiency.



It uses the blockchain technologies and smart contract to form a machine & algorithm-based trust to replace the human agents and third party-agencies with a goal to provide a transparent, efficient and low-cost financial system.



As an important part of the new generation information technology, IoT has been widely used in various industries, such as smart home, internet of vehicles, industrial manufacturing, environmental monitoring, environmental sensors, etc.



An important and ubiquitous function of DNS is its central role in distributed Internet services such as cloud services and content delivery networks. It is able to actively promote or almost completely block any website.