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Decentralized VPN to Unblock the New Internet of Democracy, Privacy, Security and High Speed.

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Available on macOS 10.10 and later
iOS, Android and Windows versions are coming soon

The Decentralized VPN as the First DApp based on Tachyon Protocol

Stay Fully Secure and Private Online

Combined with the advantages of blockchain and Tachyon Protocol in terms of security and privacy, Tachyon VPN has no centralized node, giving users control over their own privacy and data, which is better than the centralized VPN.

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Unblock Streaming & Social Networking

Based on Tachyon Netwok, anyone in the world can become a VPN provider node. Tachyon VPN will enable you to stream your favorite shows, movies, games, videos, and more at any time.

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Most Powerful VPN to Unblock Firewalls/Filter

Based on Tachyon Booster UDP, Tachyon VPN has 90% chance to unblock the Firewalls/Filter, and it is 200%~1000% faster than TCP/IP.

Learn more about Tachyon Booster UDP

How to use Tachyon VPN for macOS

Step 1

Free download now
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Step 2

Move Tachyon VPN to Applications and then open it at Launchapad.

Step 3

Enter Power-on Password of your computer and click OK.

Step 4

Click Get the Key and copy the Key from our website.

Step 5

Paste Tachyon key and click Add a Server.

Step 6

Now you are connected to our private and secure VPN.

Public Servers List

These public servers are contributed by community members for everyone to use for free during the testing period. Thanks a million.


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DE-Frankfurt am Main
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United States

US-Los Angeles
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US-New York City
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