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While centralized systems have risks of data manipulation, and decentralized ones may face the problem of scalability, the best solution for achieving democracy today is blockchain-based networks built on the principle of a decentralized autonomous organization, where users have equal rights not only to use the system but also to participate directly in its activities through voting and management.

As well as hiding your location, the protocol simulates HTTPS and SMTP, meaning it conceals the sites you browse, fooling others into thinking you’re visiting Youtube and Gmail respectively. Users’ requests are distributed through multiple different nodes with encryption, thereby overcoming the security vulnerabilities and inefficiencies of TCP/IP.

Tachyon VPN is based on the Tachyon Protocol which is what nodes and users on the company's network use to communicate with one another. The protocol ensures that internet traffic moves from place to place privately, securely and quickly.

The secret formula of success might be that the Tachyon VPN combines the features of blockchain, User Datagram Protocol (UDP), Distributed Hash Table (DHT), and cryptographic encryption, as described in their whitepaper published in late September.

Decentralized VPN services which are blockchain-based are a solution to data breach and will see more adoption this year. Tachyon is building an alternate stack to disrupt traditional communication protocols over the internet. They do not have a singular point of control and depend on multiple parties (nodes) to run the system.

In the IPX Staking System, IPX holders can stake a certain amount of IPX tokens to become a Node Provider on Tachyon VPN. Apart from the regular staking rewards generated from the system, Node Incentives also include variable session rewards from providing VPN traffic to global users. The more users connect to the node, the more session rewards the Node Provider can get.

Tachyon Protocol is set to combine all the proven, tested and accepted P2P technologies in the niche — DHT, blockchain, UDP and encryption — to ensure high security, intractability, availability, and maximum network speed by utilizing the optimal data throughput.

It is no more news that decentralization is fast becoming the standard solution for several of the recurring issues plaguing various industries. That said, this concept is slowly finding its way into the cybersecurity scene. Several startups and established firms are introducing tools based on blockchain technologies that would give internet users autonomy over their data.

With the innovative implementation of the technology, Tachyon is addressing the ever-increasing need for security and privacy among internet users as the number of security breaches and hacking incidents continue to be at their all-time high.

Tachyon Protocol’s native token, IPX was listed on South Korea’s leading cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb and its global platform Bithumb Global on 17th December 2019 with KRW and USDT trading pairs respectively.

In this event, Tachyon Protocol team has given a formal introduction presentation about the project. This is the first public speech for the team in the industry event. For a new technical project launched in September this year, attending this event is a significant step to help reach global market and build brand awareness.

Tachyon Protocol is a new decentralized Internet protocol that uses DHT, blockchain, UDP, and encryption technologies to ensure a stable, fast, reliable, transparent and secure Internet environment. At the moment, the project is at the initial stage of its development and meets fierce competition in its market. Nevertheless, the Tachyon team looks quite experienced to develop its product and compete in the market. To conclude, they have sufficient potential to succeed in the long run.

IPX token is the main means of authentication, transaction settlement, and community governance within Tachyon’s infrastructure. It will be issued as a digital asset on the V SYSTEMS blockchain with 1 billion initial supply. The exchanges listing is planned by the end of 2019.

Tachyon Protocol’s native token, IPX was listed on South Korea’s leading cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb and its global platform Bithumb Global on 17th December 2019 with KRW and USDT trading pairs respectively.

One of the promising projects in that niche is Tachyon Protocol. It proposes an alternative protocol that intersects several standard communication and security recommendations that could eliminate the flaws of the TCP/IP protocol. Here, we will dissect Tachyon’s proposed internet design and highlight some key points that could change the way we distribute information. But first, let’s discuss what Tachyon connotes, and why it has chosen to tread this path.

Projects like Tachyon are a ray of home in creating a scalable, reliable and secure TCP/IP infrastructure. Particularly, for this project, what sets it apart is the backing of two organizations, who have already attained success in their respective fields. Admittedly, decentralizing the web with Tachyon, which can make our online lives private and secure is what the data-driven future needs.

Tachyon is definitely a promising project and we are sure that the team will continue development and expand the project ecosystem. There are plenty of products from different niches possible to be built on the Tachyon Protocol in the future: Content distribution, Storage, DeFi, IoT and DNS related products, and much more.

A decentralized Internet is no longer just a theory. Every day more and more practical applications are invested in this concept. Undoubtedly, we are still at the initial stage when decentralized technologies are still in development and it is too early to talk about the beginning of the mass adaptation of cryptocurrency and complex decentralized systems.

This is the first listing of IPX since Tachyon Protocol started its listing plan in October. Being listed on the two global leading exchanges at the same time will bring IPX an extensive coverage of the world's most active market and heavy liquidity worldwide, which will greatly speed up the expansion of our global community.

Sunny King’s participation will lead the development to a further degree. Along with the IPX token coming listing on Bithumb Global, Tachyon Protocol has taken a first solid step to realize the vision “create a new internet with democracy, privacy, security and high speed”.

Cyber threats will always be relevant issues for years to come. One can never entrust cybersecurity in the hands and technologies of its managers. We need a more practical and elegant solution, especially in the booming Defi industry where cybersecurity is the primary concern.

The technology guarantees users' privacy, security, and high speed.Tachyon Project is unstoppable, it is designed to set the world-internet users free and allowing them to gain full access to their privacy and security. Tachyon protocol has gone extra mile to achieve their mission of internet decentralization.

The Tachyon Protocol is a one of its kind Project in the Blockchain Industry. With prior experience on the issues that affect internet security and privacy, it is easy to see how this protocol can vastly improve any network or application that is integrated to it.

With decentralized services and online portals, we will be able to restore the Internet to what it was ideally meant to be; open, free to all, and enabling people to keep hold of their information.

BG Staging is the most unique feature of Bithumb Global which help selected projects to reach the Bithumb Global community and drive extensive attention. It’s a warm-up for the upcoming official listing of IPX on Bithumb Global.

OceanEx, an AI powered digital asset trading platform with a large number of global users, announced that IPX, the token of TACHYON PROTOCOL is listed on February 7th, 2020 (UTC+8). According to OceanEx’s announcement, OceanEx unveiled a new strategic cooperation with one of the famous public chains– V SYSTEMS at the end of last year, to explore joint development to cultivate a robust DeFi ecosystem.

The BG Staging event provides a great starting point to build up the exposure of IPX token. It also opens up possibilities for more participation in the development of the project as well as the community. Tachyon will further improve its liquidity through listing on more top exchanges worldwide.

As the internet gradually migrates from Web2.0 to Web3.0, Tachyon Protocol looks well on its way to become one of the dominant players of the decentralized future. Tachyon Protocol is using blockchain technology to revolutionize the Internet as we know today. The vision is set to create a “New Internet” protocol, which would be significantly faster, safer and more reliable as compared to the current TCP/IP-based Internet.

Not only will it solve the problems related to centralized VPN services, but a host of other issues as well which make the existing TCP/IP architecture outdated and inefficient when it comes to providing the speed and reliability required to support Web3.0 applications.

Surveillance organizations such as NSA, GCHQ and the ones responsible for security-related issues on the global forum as the Five Eyes, pick up hacks and security breach scenarios that cause widespread panic and alarm. Tachyon is the answer to all these contingencies and will be providing a cleaner version of the internet that will be used to empower the web 3.0 and the IoT infrastructure to perform at maximum functionality.

IPX token is the native cryptocurrency of the Tachyon network that resides on the V SYSTEMS blockchain. The built-in token economy provides easy and affordable means of sharing spare bandwidth among users to maintain a fast and secure bandwidth trading market. IPX token are used to incentivize positive development of the network, provide identity verification, and facilitate coordination mechanism in the overall system.

Tachyon Protocol will be launched for a full public access and will power all V SYSTEMS sidechain and crosschain applications. It provides a fundamental layer of decentralized information infrastructure for V SYSTEMS to support efficient and agile development of a wide range of DeFi applications.