Brand Guideline

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Brand Guideline will help you use Tachyon content and our brand. For proper usage, please read our brand guidelines carefully.

Logos and Icons
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Horizontal logo on white background

Horizontal logo on black background

Vertical logo on white background

Vertical logo on black background

Token logo on white background

Token logo on black background

White background icon

Black background icon

Size and Space

As Tachyon Protocol logo will be used in various usage scenarios, its size and space must follow certain rules. The left rectangle is used as the benchmark x, and the size and space refer to the graphic rules. A safe space of no less than 0.5x must be reserved around the logo.

To ensure recognizability, the minimum height of Tachyon Protocol logo must be at least 5 mm.


RGB 8468F5

CMYK 66:63:0:0


CMYK 27:60:0:0


CMYK 0:0:0:0

RGB 333333

CMYK 79:74:71:45