Why didn't we show IP address for all servers?

In the process of communicating with some users, we found that IP address could be bolcked in countries such as Iran, UAE, Turkmenistan, resulting in users unable to connect.

Therefore, we only show a few. You can still connect to all the servers in our app. Sorry for the inconvenience.

If you need to verify whether your server is online or check a certain IP, you can get the key of the corresponding server by searching.

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Download Tachyon VPN for iOS

The VPN is more private, secure and faster than centralized solutions.

Public Servers

Available on iOS 9 and later

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Decentralized VPN using Tachyon Protocol

Institutional Security is Real Security

Tachyon VPN uses the Tachyon Node network as its infrastructure and service provider. Our servers are not run by a centralized organization, so it is not possible for an attacker to pressure us to provide records.

Learn how Tachyon VPN protects your privacy

Access Global Content

Tachyon VPN will allow you to bypass restrictions on your internet activity. You’ll be able to use blocked social media networks, or stream your favorite entertainment content with ease by appearing to be in another country.

Learn more about Tachyon Network

The Most Effective Tool to Unblock Firewall & Filter

Many countries and organizations have chosen to erect firewalls around their national Internet, restricting users. Tachyon Booster UDP is the most effective tool known for circumventing internet censorship systems.

Learn more about Tachyon Booster UDP

How to use Tachyon VPN for iOS

Step 1

Download and install Tachyon VPN on APP Store

Step 2

Click Get Tachyon Key and go to the Public Servers List on our website.

Step 3

Click Get the Key, copy the Key or scan QR Code from our website.

Step 4

Paste Tachyon key or scan QR Code from website, and click Add a Server.

Step 5

Please select "Allow" to authorize the installation.

Step 6

Now you are connected to our private and secure VPN.

Advantages of Tachyon VPN

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Tachyon VPN





Centralized VPN


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Public Servers List

Server 0

These public servers are contributed by community members for everyone to use for free during the testing period. Thanks a million.

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