Tachyon Node Manager 1.0
Download the Tachyon Node Manager to join our global network of node providers.

Available on macOS 10.11 and later

The feature of getting rewards will come in the later version

What benefits can Node Manager 1.0 bring to you?
You can configure the server to join Tachyon Network and view the server status.You can set the permissions of the Tachyon key between public to private. The public key is displayed on the Tachyon official website, on which vpn users may see it and connect on Tachyon VPN; you can share the private key with your relatives or friends.
Easy-to use node management tool
You can add a new node provider in only 3 steps: Log into your server; Configure server; and Get ready.
Freedom to change permissions at any time
You can choose & change the permission of Tachyon key between private and public.
Effectively monitor and manage your provider nodes
All the information about your node providers is clear. You can use this APP to monitor and manage your servers from anywhere.
Requirements for Server
OS: Ubuntu 14.04 TLS amd64
Ubuntu 16.04 TLS amd64
Ubuntu 18.04 TLS amd64
CPU >= 1 core
RAM >= 1 GB
Disk >= 30 GB
Inbound ports: 22 (ssh), 443 (vpn service)
Public IPv4 Address: 1
Bandwidth >= 50Mbps
* The session rewards and staking rewards are not available temporarily.