Team Members

Sunny King

Founding Member

Sunny King, a legendary blockchain developer, is the inventor of Proof of Stake consensus mechanism and creator of three cryptocurrencies/blockchain projects, including V SYSTEMS, Peercoin, and Primecoin. Sunny King is the pioneer in blockchain evolution, consensus mechanism progression, and blockchain real-world application. Sunny King's insightful thinking and technical understanding ensure that the V SYSTEMS blockchain and Tachyon can integrate with each other to create a competitive advantage for Tachyon’s long-term development.

Alex Yang

Founding Member

Alex Yang is a FinTech entrepreneur and investor with over 14 years of experience in banking and finance. He founded Fund V, one of the first token funds in Hong Kong. He was also the Head of APAC (Rates Hybrid and Structured Trading) at Nomura, and Vice President in Exotic Trading at UBS. Alex started his career in JumpTrading, Chicago, as a Quant Strategist. He obtained his PhD in 2009 from Northwestern University and a BA in Mathematics from Peking University. Alex has rich experience in management, and extensive network in the finance and tech industries. He will help Tachyon with management, partnerships and business development.


Founding Member

Peerchemist, Peercoin’s project leader, is a well-known OG crypto developer with a high community reputation and global developer network influence. Peerchemist has brought his expertise and resources in token economics, developer relations, as well as community management to Tachyon.

Jacob Gadikian

Founding Member

Jacob is a technologist obsessed with the potential of decentralized systems. He has built software that uses the Tendermint/Cosmos framework, interfaces for Graphene projects, Bitcoin/Litecoin mining orchestration systems, and has contributed code and documentation to many open source projects, mainly in cryptocurrency and distributed systems.

At V SYSTEMS, Jacob is responsible for overseeing the technical platform strategy as well as creating documentation and developer frameworks for users and developers. Jacob will help drive requirements for projects built on V SYSTEMS, and strategize the technical development of Tachyon.

Vinko Karamatic


Vinko is a technology expert with over 13 years worldwide experience in STEM, last three as a CEO.With development of blockchain technologies, he applied the engineering reasoning into the field and quickly became a valuable advisor to several large projects, as well as influencer and technical analyst.

In Tachyon, Vinko will apply his broad expertise to evaluate application methods, end-user analytics, in-depth coordination of work-flow during development and exploitation stage.